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Improve Your Business...

- Better operations reporting

- Smarter strategy

- State of the art marketing

- Change impact analysis

- Business plan development

Charismatic, results-driven leader with over 30 years of demonstrated success culminating in several C-level positions.  Successfully worked on start-ups, high-growth environments, and turnarounds. Expertise in marketing, both online and traditional, and coordinating marketing and product development initiatives. Comfortable and effective dealing with constituents from board members to front-line workers.  Started work as a PriceWaterhouseCoopers CPA, and progressed into strategy development, finance, accounting, marketing, and company management at several successful companies.  Career highlight:  While senior marketing executive at The General car insurance, hired Shaquille O'Neal to be the brand ambassador, shooting many commercials with him, and growing this operation to become the best-known brand insurance company serving down-market customers.

Operations Reporting

I will review your current reports and dashboard, if you have one, and if needed, propose an improved reporting package that tracks the components of all Key Performance Indicators. The right reporting is critical if you ever plan to seek additional funding or go public.

Strategy Review and Development

I will review your current strategy and insure that it incorporates competitor analysis, scalability, risk assessments, strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.


I have spent years in marketing and have extensive knowledge in it, including online. Brand development, tag lines and copy, media mix, sales funnel analysis, negotiating, and online analytics tools are some of the areas where I have expertise. I can either review your current approach or do your marketing for you.

Change Impact Analysis

You've recently made a change in some aspect of your business. Did you get they benefits you expected? Let me definitively tell you!

Business Plans

I will review and update your business plan. Your plan will include a review of the marketplace; competitor analysis; documentation of your differentiating factors; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; strategic risks; and an action plan.


Introductory Meeting

Get together and discuss your business goals, strategy, current reporting capabiltiies, and current marketing approach. I will listen. I will also present you with a nondisclosure agreement for your review and approval.


Proposal Presentation

Based on our introductory meeting and follow-up calls / visits, I will develop a recommend a course of action and pricing. I will present you with a services agreement contract for you to review and appove.


Work Process

If an agreement is reached, I will proceed and send you weekly status reports. Work will be consultative, meaning I will be checking in with you as frequently as you wish and you will be able to give me feedback.

Pricing image
Your initial consultation is free.

Developing a proposal is free.  My fees are very reasonable.

After approving work, you will be billed every two weeks, payable within two weeks after the bill date.

If you would like to halt work for any reason, you can do so, without incurring charges beyond what has been performed already.

If you are unhappy with my services, they are guaranteed and refundable up to a month after the charges have been paid.